Here Comes the Shark…

If I say Sharks, the next words that come to your mind are “oooooooh so scary! “. That is because in movies you have seen sharks hunting humans. But remember… Movies are just someone’s imagination.

Sharks don’t attack humans unless we go in their world to trouble them. Sharks do gobble up other fishes in the sea but that is how sea world works. Big fishes eat small fishes and small fishes eat smaller fishes.


To find food, sharks use their excellent sense of smell. Sharks dont hunt when the sun is shining bright as too much light bothers them.

Shark’s teeth fall frequently and new teeth grow easily. A shark can lose and grow as many as 30,000 teeth in its life. They have no permanent teeth like you! But here’s the funny bit:  Even with all those teeth sharks can not chew! They directly swallow their food. This  food sits in their tummy for many days as it takes long for the stomach to digest it. Thus, a shark does not eat every day.

Shark babies are called Pups. While still inside their mother’s tummy, some stronger shark pups attack and eat the weaker pups!! Now who fights with their brother or sister like that?? No one ! Never!

Sharks are on the planet since millions of years ago, even before the dinosaurs. We should make sure that they live at least million more years. The least we can do is not hunt them for their meat or fins.

Did you know :
A small fish called Remora attaches itself to sharks to get a free ride and eat their leftovers.

Have you read the story – ” Gilbert the Great”
Its a funny and touching story about a white shark who loses his best friend Raymond the Remora in the sea world.

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