How are fairy tales and fables are different

How are Fables different from Fairytales?

Are Fables and Fairytales different or are they same? Aren’t they both stories for kids? You are right they are both stories for kids but Fables are stories for grown ups as well.

Here is the thing, A fable is a story, also passed down from generation to generation and it has a moral lesson to be learnt. The characters are mostly animals or nature. They are made to talk and act like humans.The most famous fables were written by a man called Aesop. Those fables are famous as Aesop’s Fables and there are around 600 of them. “Fox and the sour grapes” and “Tortoise and the hare” are two examples.

Folk and Fairytales are stories written specially for children, often about magical characters such as elves, fairies, goblins and giants. Sometimes the characters are animals. They generally do not have any moral message to be learnt. We are able to enjoy these fairy tales because almost 200 years ago, two brothers Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm travelled all around in Germany and collected these stories before people forgot them. We know them as the Brothers Grimm and their collection includes “Cinderella” and “The Frog Prince”.

So this is about Fables and Fairy tales.  Now do you know about what are Myths and legends :)


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