How Olympics Started?

How Olympics Started?

There is a very interesting story about how Olympics started.
About 3000 yrs ago, in Olympia in Ancient Greece, there lived a strong and powerful man named Hercules.
He was given 12 tasks to complete as punishment by the Greek God Hera. These tasks included killing a lion, killing a bull, capturing a wild boar, cleaning many huge dirty stables of the king in one day and many more. Hercules turned out to be a hero by completing all the tasks successfully.
Thus Olympics were celebrated for the first time 3000 years ago to celebrate Hercules’s strength and victory.
The Olympics especially honoured Greek God Zeus., who was king of all Gods along with many other important Gods.

Over thousands of years,the way Olympics are conducted has changed.The sports played have changed  but in the end it’s still about celebrating the best of the best !!

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