Is The Globe Getting Warmer?

Is The Globe Getting Warmer?

Imagine Earth is you and you are wearing a blanket around yourself. You are very comfortable. What if the blanket keeps getting thicker and thicker? Would you still be comfortable? No, you will feel warmer first and pretty soon very uncomfortable.

The same thing is happening with our Earth.  People are putting more carbon dioxide gas into the Earth’s atmosphere, or air, every year by doing things like smoke from factories, from cars. Now this Carbon dioxide traps the heat in our atmosphere (air surrounding Earth) and makes it warmer everyday. This mostly effects the frozen region like Antarctica where the ice is melting. This called Global Warming.

This ice melts and increases the level of the sea water. If the sea level keeps rising one day, all the coastal cities might eventually go underwater and all the frozen regions also might all melt.

We can all do our bit to stop it. How? Read here

Can you guess?

Which bird will be extinct because of Global Warming?  Penguins.





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