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The  Supreme Court of India  has directed all private and government-run schools to implement RTE starting from academic year of 2012-13.
You would ask what is RTE?
RTE  is Right To free and compulsory Education for children from socially and economically weak backgrounds. According to RTE, These children who fall in the age group of 6 to 14 (grade 1 to 8) should be merged in the main classroom with the existing children from the privileged backgrounds. This directive puts in question the separate shift that is run for poor children in some schools , after the main school is over.
RTE applies to all government, private and convent schools irrespective of the board they follow.
” While many educationists feel the resultant social integration will make education more meaningful, the reaction of some expensive schools as well as of some parents hasn’t been positive.”
Supreme Court

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