Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Is there any other animal or insect that you know which waits comfortably in its silky couch for dinner to arrive? Dinner being the insect that gets trapped in the sticky silky web. Cool huh!  Most of the spiders spin their web to catch food.

spider waiting for prey

While there are some spiders like the jumping spider which pounce on insects to catch them or the little crab spider that hides in the flower petals and waits for the insects that come to find nectar. Generally spiders eat insects but some giant spiders also eat birds.

Spiders have something called spinnerets located at the back of their abdomen. These spinnerets ooze out a silky liquid which comes in contact with air, dries up quickly and forms silk threads.

Spiders use silk for many purposes: to capture their prey, to protect their offspring, to assist them as they move or for creating shelter for their babies.
spider babies coming out of the web

On a lighter note we also have our own human spider – that is the Spiderman! Yes it is a figment of someone’s imagination but is quite interesting character. He fights evil by spinning threads of silk and flying from building to building to catch men breaking the law. Take a peek at him in action.


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    the pics are AMAZING!

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