Locusts from Egypt Envelope Israel

Locusts from Egypt Envelope Israel

Image Credit: Flickr User Neil T, via CC

A swarm of millions of locusts  from Egypt has enveloped Israel this week.  The grasshopper-like bugs rode on winds from Egypt to enter Israel. They covered nearly 2,000 acres of desert overnight!!

What is interesting is that the swarm of locusts has arrived in Israel just three weeks before Jewish Passover holiday that recalls 10 plagues mentioned in the Bible.  The eighth plague  was the  ‘Plague of locusts’, in which by unleashing a swarm of millions of locusts in Egypt, God punished the Egyptian Pharaoh for troubling people who worshiped him. Then Pharaoh then begged Moses to remove the plague and promised to allow all the Israelites to worship God in the desert.

Locusts are a big threat to crops and therefore Israeli authorities sprayed pesticides over farms as soon as possible to contain the damage.

But not all is bad. Some local people have found that locusts can also make a tasty snack!! yum yum!!

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