Magical Sun – Changing Color

What colour is the rising sun in the morning? – Dark orange


What colour is sun during the day? – White

What colour is the sun in the evening, just before setting? – Dark orange again.



How magical is that! But how does that happen??

Do you know that the light around us – the sunlight, looks white but is made up of seven colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Yes! That’s true! All these colors in the light mixed together make the white light!!

What happens is that sun-rays that hit the Earth during early morning hours or in the evening, have to travel a longer distance to reach our eyes. This means that the sunlight has to travel for longer through air during those times. During this travel, dust and water-drops in the air splits the white light into all seven colors. Green, blue, indigo and violet get lost on the way but red, orange and yellow stay. As a result sun almost appears red while rising or setting.

Sun-rays during the day that reach us are much faster. Thus, on their way they don’t split up into other colors. And that’s how the sun appears white during daytime! Now you know!


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