Millions of Flamingos flock Lake Bogoria

Millions of Flamingos flock Lake Bogoria

Millions of Lesser Flamingos have flooded Lake Bogoria like they do each year. Few thousands flamingos are a common sight in the lake all around the year but some times in the year millions of them flock the lake. Lake Bogoria looks breathtakingly beautiful with these beautiful light pink flamingos all over it. Lesser Flamingo is the smallest species of flamingo.

Lake Bogoria lies in a volcanic region in Kenya. It is often called a “soda lake” because of the high concentration of soda that oozes from the volcanic soil and mixes with the lake water. Lake Bogoria also has many hot springs “geysers” that pour boiling water into the lake.

Take a look at this amazing video of flamingos feeding on algae on the shores of lake Bogoria:

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