Moon dust

Moon Dust Collected by Neil Armstrong Found in a Warehouse

Image Credit: Flickr User JunCTionS, via CC


On July 20, 1969, The Apollo 11 successfully landed on the moon with three American astronauts – Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. While on this mission, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins collected moon dust from the various spots on the surface of the moon. The samples were gathered so that they could be analysed to learn more about the moon.

More than 40 years after the moondust samples were collected, guess where they have been discovered? They were discovered lying in the warehouse of a lab at Lawrence Berkely National Centre. The chance discovery was made by archivist, Karen Nelson.


Experts explain that moon dust samples from Apollo 11 missions were sent to around 150 laboratories around the world for conducting experiments. The remaining samples were supposed to be returned to NASA. In this case, the unused samples by mistake they ended up in storage.

Hopefully moon dust has found a better place on Earth now!

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