God created earth full of trees

Our Earth!

(An intriguing post by young writer Priya Mathews who is 12 years old.)

Image Credit: Flickr User johhlegear, via CC

When God created the universe, he also created the Earth. At that time the Earth had no life on it. God thought that there was something missing, so he created Man.

At first man lived a lived a very easy life. There were no problems like diseases, droughts or even floods. He had everything he needed.

With these luxuries, God also gave him a responsibility- to protect the Earth’s greenery and to maintain peace. In the first few hundred years  man took good care of the Earth, but as and when he made progress he became selfish and greedy. He started cutting trees and killing animals. When God saw this he became furious. He appeared in front of man and said, “Son, I sent you to Earth to take care of it but you are destroying it. I curse you that you will not get food easily and you will no longer live a life of luxury. You will have to work hard and earn your daily bread and so will you have many problems like drought, floods and you will have many diseases.’’

Saying this he disappeared.

Image Credit: Flickr User johhlegear, via CC

But man has not changed even after millions of years; we still destroy forests and harm animals. Our survival on this planet is at stake. But it is never late.

MORAL: It is never too late to make the Earth better place to live in. Remember that your actions of today will affect your future.


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