Spend quality time with kids

Quality Time

This is a guest post written by Ritu Bajaj. Ritu has a MBA in Marketing and has additionally studied Environmental Law from NLSIU India and University of Washington USA. Ritu is passionate about environmental issues and sustainable development and is working on raising awareness about them in her community. 


Spend quality time with kids

When I decided to become a mother, I was determined to be the best mother. However, as motherhood dawned upon me, I realized that there was little quality time that I could spend with my kid despite my best efforts. When my second bundle of joy arrived I realized that the little time I used to get to spend with the first one almost vanished.

Time flew, and my elder one turned into a teenager. As a result, every time I sat with him, and he tried to fidget himself out, it enraged me and each of our meetings ended up more disastrous than the last one.

Recently, I was reading one of the books, “As I saw my kid growing up”. It struck to me that all this while I have been trying to spend what I thought was quality time with him, it was not quite so. The best time I spend with my son is the time when I observe him and notice the changes he is going through while growing up. That evening, I sat with him, had a chat, and pondered over all the changes that had come between us since he was a kid. It was an eye opener for me, and we both loved that session. There were many instances where he had a totally different opinion than how I thought. I finally understood that quality time is not the time I spend lecturing him, but the time where we both open up amicably and learn life lessons.

For all you parents, I would suggest just talk to your kids, make them laugh and laugh with them. These are the ordinary pleasures of life that eventually will become the real treasures of your life.

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