raising shy kids

Raising a ‘Touch Me not’

An extremely sensitive child brings a lot to this world. They are thoughtful, caring, cautious, give attention to detail, creative and highly emotional. While the gifts of sensitivity are immense, they also become a source of anxiety, especially for the parents. Since such kids are extremely touchy, they cry at the drop of the hat.

If they get hurt, they cry not because of the pain they experienced but maybe some other kid smirked when they fell. You will generally see such kids quietly playing alone. They shy away from the big crowd, and that is why they are also labelled as “shy”. Trust me once you get to know these kids they do not stop talking.

Because they give so much attention to detail, they ask a lot of whys? Annoying at times but that is whats sets them apart from the other children.  They seem to challenge themselves and others at all times.

Here is what the parents of such children can do-

  • Appreciate the gifts and work on their strengths
  • High pitched discipline should be avoided
  • Let them deal with their emotional outburst, hold their hand but do not fight their battles by intervening every time they do so.
  • Do not pressure them too much.
  • Allow them to ask as many questions as they like.
It is not like something you did or the way they were brought up that made them sensitive. The sensitive kids are that way ever since they are born.
Last but not the least don’t try to change your child. Accept them as they are and they will blossom beautifully.
( Image Credit : Flickr User tjshirey)


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