Smiling Janet

Smiling Janet

(Tavishi, 7, discloses a big truth that sometimes adults forget to see)

Image Credit: Pixabay User Nemo, via CC

Two friends named Julie the panda and Lilly the penguin were dancing on the icy ground of Alaska. They danced for fun and exercise. One rabbit named Janet was watching them dance, and smiling. To grab Lilly and Julie’s attention, Janet wowed “You two dance gorgeously”. Janet invited the two friends to her house. She offered juicy bamboo to panda and scrumptious ice cream to penguin. The two friends agreed to go to Janet’s house. Janet’s purple house had a sign mounted on the north of the door that read ” Janet’s House”. Inside, there were white daisies in the East corner and driftwood on the other corners. In the same room, animals had straps around their mouths.

A glowing sing on the wall mentioned ” Evil scheme Place” in purple paint. Janet put their bribes into traps, Lilly and Julie followed the scent. Before reaching the traps, a hare named Suzy came up behind Janet. She motioned Lilly and Julie to get out of the Evil Scheme Place. Julie and Lilly rushed out. Suzy kicked Janet on her spine in ninja and karate style. Janet scurried and scurried twenty footsteps. Breathing heavily from scurrying around, Janet halted. Suzy caught up to Janet in three steps and wasn’t fatigued. In a commanding voice, Suzy yelled to Janet ” You can’t hurt us anymore. If you do, I will kick and punch in karate style. I would also throw you on hard icy ground to break your bones”. Janet had a change of heart and transformed into a nice hearted rabbit.


Lilly and Julie had mixed emotions for Janet. They felt sympathetic for Janet because she was getting yelled at. But, felt happy, because Janet became a nice hare. Relived Suzy hopped back home.

Moral: A man may smile yet be a villain.

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