Sports events of 2012

Sports 2012

The most important sporting event of all was the Summer Olympics 2012 held at London, UK.

These Olympics were the greenest olympics ever and Wenlock and Mandeville were the Olympics Mascots.

On July 27, 2012, Big ben rang 40 times to declare the onset of Olympics and there was a spectacular opening ceremony.

Amongst sportspeople who stood out in Olympics were Michael Phelps who became the most successful Olympian of all times with a total of 22 Olympic medals to his credit, South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius who made history by becoming the first amputee sprinter to compete at the Olympics, blind archer Im Dong-hyun and sixteen year old chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen.

After almost two weeks of non stop sporting action, Olympics finally ended on August 13,2012 with a musical closing ceremony.

This year also saw:-

Sadly, ace cyclist Lance Armstrong fell from grace after being stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles over using medication for enhancing strength, which is not allowed in the events.



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