The Attack of “Whys and Whats”

It is a crisp Sunday morning and you are snoozing comfortably in your warm bed and there it starts. Nope, it is not the buzzing of the alarm clock but the attack of “whys and whats” that your little one is unleashing on you. “Why are you sleeping till late?”, “What will we do today?”,”Why do I have to eat breakfast on Sunday?” . Phew! It makes you wonder – “Why do they ask so many questions?”.

Now as parents you would have noticed the pattern. Even though the questions might seem endless your kids are asking them because they are simply curious. They want to know what is happening around them, why is it happening, why everything is the way it is. Some interesting examples are “Why is pink pink?”, “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why do we have two feet?”, ‘Why do we use feet for walking and not hands?” or “Why do we have a brain?” :)

The second reason behind all these questions is that they want to start a conversation with you. You will be surprised that if you encourage these questions then it will get the discussion started and then lead to really interesting and satisfying  conversations, both for you and for the kid. You will be able to have a good peek into how their little minds are turning and can connect with them lot better.

Sadly many of us do not encourage our kids to ask questions. Now, granted that it could get bothersome at times, especially when we are busy or just plain lazy. We feel our brain is just about to explode. Or sometimes it is just the fear of not being able to answer the questions given the little time. It is unfortunate nonetheless.

Resultant, there are signs of declining creativity among our children.

Interesting fact – Preschool kids ask their parents an average of 100 questions a day. This number slowly falls as they grow up. Teenagers almost ask no questions ( Forget asking they won’t even answer our questions! ).

Our school system is also such that it does not encourage children to ask lots of questions. Instead they are mostly rewarded for having the answers, not for asking a good question.

Let me leave you guys with this question on your mind, why are our kids not asking enough questions? Have they simply lost interest? Or do we not allow them to ask questions?

Think about that!



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