Is Chubbier better?

The Chubbier the Better?



A lot of us believe that the growing kids can eat whatever they want to eat and that too in large quantities. “They will burn if off”, some say. Maybe it was true earlier when the children played a lot. But with the advent of technologies like TV, video games and iPad parents have to be careful.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are pushing them towards obesity. Most of us think that children should be taught to finish off what is on their plate. Even I thought so. While wasting food is certainly bad, making kids overeat is even worse. Children should be allowed to eat how much ever they are comfortable with. So you can give them small portions so that they do not overeat and no food is wasted.

The next thing is something I did with my older kid because she just would not eat. I paid a bribe. It seemed to work at that time. I would encourage her to eat something healthy and promise her an ice-cream or a candy. It is exceedingly difficult for me now to make her understand that there will be no bribes and healthy food just needs to be eaten because it is good for her. Like they say you shall reap what you sow, sow the seed of healthy habits early on.

The growing kids have unusually high nutritional needs. So it is extremely crucial that each and every meal is packed with nutrients and energy, but low on fat and sugars. A parent has the responsibility of providing food, meal planning, and eliminating distractions at the table. It is up to the child to eat that food. Trust me if you stick to your part, in the long run children will give in.

Too much television hurts the children in two ways. Not only does it take away the physical activity of kids, the advertisements introduce them to the unhealthy attractive snacks that lure them toward eating junk food.

Overweight children battle with similar issues like adults. Illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and cancer are common in obese children. They are made fun of by their peers. They are also prone to low self-esteem. I would say the solution is to stick to a healthy plan. If there are any deviations look out for signs of obesity. As soon as you feel your child is drifting in that direction nip it in the bud rather than ignore it.

Is chubbier really better?



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