The Olympic Swimmer

The Olympic Swimmer

If birds had a swimming Olympics then ducks would participate as they are excellent swimmers. Ducks belong to Anatidae family of birds, which also includes swans and geese. However, ducks are much smaller than and different from them.

While the duck is busy poking its beak at the bottom of the pond for food, you will see its tail and the big webbed feet. They can eat insect, fish or water plants. They are very comfortable around water. They can live anywhere – near ponds, lakes or ocean.

A duck-ducking to find food

Although penguins are the fastest swimmers,  but considering that the ducks can fly too they are champion swimmers. The only place where these ducks have two left feet is on the land where they waddle around moving in a funny way. Because of their walk on the land the ducks have inspired many cartoons. The most famous one being Donald duck.

The duck are blessed with a coat that is waterproof. This keeps them warm in winter and wet season. The ducks fly to the southern areas during winter. The ducks also use some of their feathers to keep the nest warm for their eggs. They build a nest near water. The nest can be on the ground or a tall tree near the water.

ducklings jump in the pond

When the eggs hatch tiny ducklings that come out of it already know how to swim. No prizes for guessing where they go as soon as they hatch. They hit the water.

Interesting facts about ducks

  • The word duck comes from Old English *dūce “diver”.
  • A group of ducks can be called a team, raft, string or flock depending on whether they are on water, land or air.



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