richard iii

The Royal Skeleton

Image Credit: Flickr User black_friction, via CC

Thanks to the DNA profiling it has been confirmed that the skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park belongs to English king Richard III. The bones matched the descendants from the king’s family.

The bones are carbon dated back to 1455-1540 which confirms the history as the king died in a battle in 1485.

The scientists are also working on reconstructing the face of  the king using the skull. How is it even possible to make a face by just using a set of bones? It is and this procedure is called craniofacial identification.

It is like solving a mystery. The width of the mouth can be determined by teeth. The little bump on the outer orbit is where the outer corner of the eye is. The cheek bones give an an idea about the cheeks. Until some time back nose used to be the difficult to figure out because it is made up of cartilage, but now there is a formula that helps calculate the height of the nose.

Interesting isn’t it?



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