The Wonderful Whirlybird

The Wonderful Whirlybird

If you have ever observed a helicopter that is trying to land you will feel that it is dropping straight down and is about to crash. But it does not crash, it just slows down and gently comes to rest. Standing still in the air and going straight up and down is something that only a helicopter can do.

Most of the airplanes need a long runway for taking off and landing. But a helicopter doesn’t need any more space than itself as it has a special, large fan called a “rotor” that whirls around on top of it.

Airplanes also need to fly very fast to stay in the air but helicopters can go as slowly as required.

Because of this uniqueness helicopters are used as transport in medical emergencies as they can land on the rooftop of hospitals. They can fly into the narrow places between big cliffs for rescue missions. They can be used for fire fighting in case of wild fires and also for spraying the crops with medicine.

We can keep finding new uses for these mechanical birds.:O)

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