Tulips or Teacups?

Tulips or TeaCups?

If you look at Tulips very closely they resembles many things. Colorful teacups dancing in the garden or inverted bells swinging in the wind.  This beautiful flower has its origins from  Turkey. An interesting fact is that these flowers were called tulbend, which means a head gear, because if you turn the flower upside down it looks like a turban that the Turkish people wore at that time.

Sometime later this flower moved to Europe where it found home in Netherlands, also known as Holland.  Tulips are stored in form of bulbs. When these bulbs are planted, the bulbs surround a thick bud with all the things that are required for the plant to survive the harsh winter.

Some of the world’s best tulip gardens are in Holland.

Funny bit :)

Why use Tulips at night? Because the Tulips have bulbs :)


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