Vishwanathan Anand wins the Chess title

Viswanathan Anand wins World chess championship 2012

Viswanathan Anand won the chess championship against challenger Boris Gelfand to retain his world title on Wednesday.

After three weeks of regular play ended with the score tied at 6-6, Anand and Gelfand faced off in a series of tie-breakers on Wednesday, with the title of world champion and $1.53 million going to the winner. The Hindu reported.

Showing the speed and coolness under pressure, the Chennai-based Grandmaster stayed ahead of Gelfand in the tiebreakers and, despite plenty of chances, Gelfand was unable to break through Anand’s defences in any of the four matches.


Anand will keep the FIDE world title he has held since 2007, for the next two years.

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