Were you Lost Mr. Camel?

Image Credit: Flickr User Moyan_Brenn, via CC

Camel , “The ship of desert”,  finds lost people right?

You think of camel and you think of dry and hot desert. Would you believe me if I said that camels flourished in the arctic?

Fallen out of your chair yet? Believe me or not, the scientists (or paleontologists) in Canada recently made a startling discovery. They found fossil of a camel in the arctic. It suggests that the camels were in the Arctic 3.5 million years ago. The study of fossil also suggests that the camels were much bigger than the existing species.

About 30 bone fragments were discovered in the far Canadian north at Ellesmere Island over a period of four years starting in 2006.


One could imagine that the camels must have been much furrier then to keep themselves warm.

But the question that remains how they reached the drier regions and the middle east and Eurasia?  They must have left for the warmer lands before the continents broke apart.

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