What is Google?

What is Google?

Aryan came back home and just threw his bag in a corner. He was not his usual chirpy self.

“What happened, Aryan?” asked his Mom.

“Everybody in the class was making fun of me.” he said grumpily.

“But why?”, asked his Mom softly.

Student in the class“Okay so today we had a story telling session and it was Tommy’s  turn to tell a story. And he told a story about Google, I did not understand and asked if Google was a boy who searched stuff for people and the whole class made fun of me. They said that I am dumb and I did not even know what Google is”, Aryan paused to take a breath and continued, “So what if I did not know one thing, I am a smart kid”.

“Absolutely Aryan, there is no need to feel sad. That is why you go to school to learn new things. If you knew everything why would you even go?”, laughed his mom.

Aryan felt a little better and  his mother gave him a snack. While he was eating his peanut butter sandwich he asked his mother,” Mom, What is Google?”.

“Do you know what Internet is?” his mom questioned.

“Yeah! I know. Miss Mary explained to us when Andy’s cat got lost”, Aryan said.

“So you know that we can get information from the internet right, but how does it work? What if we had to find something about making a toy airplane? How do we exactly find that information on the internet? Do you think we can go inside the computer like we peek under the bed?”, Mom asked.

“I don’t know”, said Aryan scracthing his head.

“That is where Google helps us, it is a search robot on your computer which knows all the websites of the world and what is written on them. Whenever we want to find something we tell Google to search for it by typing it on our keyboard and Google finds a list of all the Internet websites that contain what we were looking for. There are many other search robots (or search engines as they are  called) on your computer but Google is the most popular one since it is the quickest in finding the right information for us.” Mom explained.

“Oh! Now I get it. Let Tommy come to the class tomorrow I will tell him”, smiled Aryan.

Mom was super happy.


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