What is happening in Afghanistan?

What is happening in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a nation that has suffered a lot in the past and still is suffering. Let us try and understand what is happening in Afghanistan.

First of all, who are the Afghanis? Geographically, Afghanistan  lies in between Central Asia, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. It is therefore a nation made up of many different nationalities – the result of  uncountable invasions. Their are a very small community of Hindus, Sikhs and Jews and majority of muslims.

The country was  plagued with bloody civil wars  in the 18th century. The beginning of 19th century Afghanistan saw a lot of interference from the British Empire and Czarist Russia. “The Great Game”, the term humorously used by the british was no game for the people of Afghanistan. They suffered as two Anglo-Afghan Wars were fought. Afghanistan remained under British rule till 1919.

In 1930’s after an uprising Zahir Shah became the last king of Afghanistan, like the kings before him, he also believed that the word of the king was the word of law. In 1973, the king was overthrown and a republic was declared. In reality nothing changed.

One war after the other followed and only the people suffered. Currently the country is being troubled by Taliban who have very strict and old-fashioned rules about everything. They try to interfere in the functioning of the country by using violence.

Hope that peace returns to Afghanistan soon.

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