what is the internet?

What is the Internet?

Tony and Andy were best friends ever. It was a Monday morning and Andy could not wait to meet Tony at school. But when he reached school he found Tony sitting in a corner looking very sad.

“What happened Tony?” Andy asked softly.

“My cat Pat got lost “, said Tony between his sobs.

Now Andy knew that Tony loved Pat. He wondered how he could help his friend. Then he remembered that when he was coloring yesterday he overheard his father saying to his mother  that, “These days you can find everything on the internet”.

“We can find Pat on the internet Tony, I am sure Pat is hiding in the Internet”, Andy said.

“Really Andy, You are my best friend ever”, Tony replied smilingly.

Teacher explaining to classroom what internet is?

Their teacher Miss Mary overheard the conversation and smiled to herself. Later in the class she said, “Does anybody know what the Internet is ?”.

No one answered.

“It is a worldwide system of computer networks which means that a lot of computers are connected to each other and share information with each other. People can find any information that they need on the Internet.” She continued. “For example, if you don’t know how to make a paper boat yourself, you can get on the Internet and search other computers to find the information about making one. Or, if your Mother knew how to make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies and she wanted to share the recipe with the rest of the world she would place it on the Internet, so other’s can find it”

“Andy says I can find my cat on the Internet.” Tony said.

“Can I find my clay dough on the net?” Rosy asked.

” Tony you can put your cat’s information on the net and if someone saw your cat they can inform you on your computer, you can then go there and get your cat. You see, only information can be found on the internet not real things”. Miss Mary explained.

“And Rosy you should go to your toy room to find you clay dough”, Miss Mary laughed and so did the whole class.


When Tony reached home he was greeted with a warm meow; Pat never went anywhere she was just taking a long nap under the couch :)


(Photo Credit : HikingArtist.com, clipartpal.com)


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