Who might be the Future President of India?

If you are wondering who the President is, and want to know, why don’t you click on :
Who is The President of a country?

If you already know, then here’s something for you.
As India is heading for elections for a new president, slowly few names are coming up that could be in the race. They are:

  1. Mr. Hamid Ansari, who is currently the Vice President of India
    ( Vice President is second to President and takes charge of the president in case president is sick or travelling out of country.)
  2. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, who is the Finance Minister of the country.
    ( The Finance minister of any country basically takes care that the country earns and spends its money wisely.)
  3. Ms. Meira Kumar, is a well educated lawyer and Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
    ( Speaker of the Lok Sabha maintains discipline and decorum in the house and can punish a member for their unruly behaviour by suspending them.)

But finally who becomes the President is as good as anybody’s guess.
For all you know it might be someone who is not even in the list !! ;)

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