Wood is Good

Wood’s Good :)

Once there was a boy name “Woody”. He always wondered why his parents named him so. His mother told him that he was named after trees and wood – for trees were good and helpful and so was wood that came out of trees – and hence the name Woody.

Woody decided to look around himself and find out all the things that were made out of wood or came from the trees.

(The things that he noticed are written below like this)

He woke up in the morning in his bed and ran to the window. The day was bright and the Sun was shining. He worried that he might get late for school. So he rushed to take a bath and then downstairs where his mum prepared cereal for him. He pulled out a chair and started eating his banana and cereal. He liked all kinds of fruit – oranges, mangoes, figs, pineapple, apples, his favorite being banana.

His bus honked and he rushed out – almost forgot to close the door. When he reached the school he picked up his books and stepped out. He ran to his class where other kids were sitting on the chairs and the teacher had written something on the blackboard. Surprisingly the class was having a discussion about why trees are important. The teacher told them that the most important job of trees is to give out fresh air.

“Phew! That is a lot of things”,  he thought and his day had just begun. He did realize then that no one could live without trees or the wood and what a nice name he had :)


Woody Quiz:

What is the other name for the forests?

Answer – Woods :)



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