Biggest Dinosaur Park?

World’s Biggest Dinosaur Park

Image Credit: Flickr User Lehigh Valley, PA, via CC

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer wants to turn his Palmer Coolum Resort on the coast north of Brisbane, Australia into a gigantic dinosaur park. The park aims to have world’s biggest collection of robotic dinosaurs – About 165 of them! The dinosaurs will be able to move around and blink their eyes just like the real ones would have millions of years ago.

Two of giant robotic dinosaurs – a Tyrannosaurus rex called Jeff and an Omeisaurus named Bones have already arrived on the island.

Do you know that Palmer initially wanted to clone dinosaurs to inhabitate the island but then settled on the robotic ones.

Real Dinosaurs Vs Robotic Dinosaurs? Whoa! I would prefer robotics any day. After all haven’t we all seen Jurrasic Park?

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