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  • Living Legend forced to sell his Nobel Prize

    Living Legend forced to sell his Nobel Prize

    Well, the Nobel prize that is won by a lot of hard work in a particular area of research was recently on sale. This has happened for the first time when James Watson, 86, sold his Nobel prize that he won in 1962. He had won the Nobel prize in Physiology of medicine for discovering the […]

  • Biggest Christmas Lights Display

    Biggest Christmas Lights Display

    Over 1.2 million Christmas lights in  a 3-D setup spread over 41000 square feet! To see this Christmas extravaganza, you have to be in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. For those of you who can not make it there, have a look at the video: The man behind the feat is David Richards, a Canberra resident […]

  • Google Doodle Fun

    Google Doodle Fun Football fever has not only gripped real world but also the internet. Google is celebrating FIFA world cup 2014  with a new doodle everyday. Google kick started the world cup event with an interactive doodle. Here are some more FIFA 2014 google doodles: Interesting isn’t? Do you know why does google doodles? Actually even before that let me ask […]

  • A Successful Treasure Hunt

    A Successful Treasure Hunt

    The exciting game of treasure hunt gives you goose bumps when you play it in your backyard. Imagine how thrilling it must be if you are actually diving in the ocean and trying to find hidden treasure that were lost years ago. Exciting yes, but not successful all the time. Most treasure hunters return empty […]

  • World’s Biggest Dinosaur Park

    World’s Biggest Dinosaur Park

    Australian billionaire Clive Palmer wants to turn his Palmer Coolum Resort on the coast north of Brisbane, Australia into a gigantic dinosaur park. The park aims to have world’s biggest collection of robotic dinosaurs – About 165 of them! The dinosaurs will be able to move around and blink their eyes just like the real ones would have […]

  • The Telling of The Tales!

    The Telling of The Tales!

    Long before there were storybooks, television or the iPads to tell the tales, there were grandmothers, great grandmothers and chubby aunts. They all kept the children entertained by spinning tales. Fancy imaginative tales about the sun, the moon, animals, prince and princesses. That was the world of oral story telling. While we have many alternatives to storytelling […]

  • Lost and Found?

    Lost and Found?

    “I always prefer to believe the best of everybody; it saves so much trouble”, were the famous words of a renowned English author who was born in India. Rudyard Kipling. He stayed in India until he was five. Rudyard Kipling wrote a lot of stories and poems. A lot of his stories like “Just so stories”, “The Elephant’s […]

  • And The Oscar Goes To..

    And The Oscar Goes To..

    The Academy Awards or The Oscars  are a set of awards given yearly for excellence in Hollywood film industry. That little gold statue is the most sought-after award any film actor or actress or anybody associated with movie making can receive. This year the ceremony was held at the Dolby Theater at Los angeles. The winners are – Life of Pi – […]

  • Goat in Court?

    Goat in Court?

    Australian court on Wednesday dropped the complaint made against Gary. Gary’s mistake? It munched on some flowers outside the museum of contemporary arts in Sydney. Yeah, a goat muching flowers. Since when did that become a crime? However, in August of last year, cops fined Gary and its owner Mr. James Dezarnaulds popularly known as comedian […]

  • Angry Birds Happy On Christmas!

    Angry Birds Happy On Christmas!

    Angry Birds were really happy this Christmas, according to the Rovio blog. This application had astounding 8 million downloads on Christmas day. It was a good month for the game company as there were 30 million downloads between December 22 and December 29. “Wow, what a year!” the Rovio blog post added. “We released four critically-acclaimed bestselling mobile […]

  • House On The Road

    House On The Road

    There is a single house in the middle of the road. Yes it is true. It’s in the city of Wenling, China, where officials have demolished a neighbourhood to make way for a new motorway. But the couple living in this house did not want to move.

  • Thad and The Giant Pumpkin

    Thad and The Giant Pumpkin

    All of you must be familiar with Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, but this is for real. Thad Starr from Oregon won the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off with his entry weighing a massive 1,775 pounds. The pumpkins were weighed in giant weighing scales. This is a competition where being heavy is a good […]