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A Successful Treasure Hunt

Image Credit: Pixabay User beeki,via CC

The exciting game of treasure hunt gives you goose bumps when you play it in your backyard. Imagine how thrilling it must be if you are actually diving in the ocean and trying to find hidden treasure that were lost years ago. Exciting yes, but not successful all the time. Most treasure hunters return empty handed from the ocean, but not this family from Sanford Florida.

The treasure-hunting Schmitt family found a treasure worth $300,000 off the cost of Fort Pierce. Yes! The gold chains and coins are really worth $300,000. The gold chain is 64 feet long. There are 5  coins and a ring. The treasure was buried 15ft deep and 150 yards away from the shore. Hidden away in plain sight, huh!


What happens next? The state takes its share in the find, and the rest will be split between Schmitt’s family and Queen Jewels LLC that owned the wreckage site. It is estimated that the treasure came from a fleet of Spanish ships struck by a strong hurricane off Florida’s coast on July 30, 1715. Sadly, more than 1,000 people were killed in the storm that claimed 11 of the dozen ships.

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