A sinking historical treasure

A Sinking Historical Treasure

Venice, a northeast city of Italy, is built on 117 small islands that are separated by 150 canals. A canal is a kind of “road of water” made by humans to get things from one place to another. People cross the canals by many small bridges. They can also be taken for rides along the canals in boats.Venice is very famous for its beauty and historical buildings and artwork.

Scientists say Venice is sinking into the water five times quicker than previously thought and the city is also gradually tilting eastwards into Adriatic sea, as it is hit by more floods than ever before.

The government of Italy is trying hard to build systems to protect from floods and to slow down the sinking of the city.

Some interesting facts:

Venice is also known as “City of Water”, “City of Canals” and “The Floating City”.

Is Venice the only city that is sinking?  No, Coastal cities like New Orleans are sinking faster.



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    Great read for little kids. Kudos to Team Kinooze.

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