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Have you heard about Scuba diving? How is it different from simple diving where divers stay under the water by simply holding their breath?

Here is how, in scuba diving, divers can stay underwater for a long time as they wear  special equipment. This kind of diving got its name from the equipment’s name that is called SCUBA. It is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The SCUBA equipment pieces include fins, a mask, a tank, gauges, and a watch. The tank has breathing gas (oxygen under pressure-suitable for deep ocean) that helps divers inhale and exhale naturally, without excessive effort no matter how deep they are. Watch, compass, depth and pressure gauges, provide scuba divers with important information about their location and their physical condition.

Scuba diving is mostly done for recreation purposes. Divers admire the marine life that is deep within the ocean – wide variety of fishes, ocean plants, coral reefs and sometimes even shipwrecks! For recreational purpose the divers can only go up to 130ft deep. Only trained professionals are allowed to go beyond that by the law.

Underwater view while scuba diving
Scientists make use of scuba diving to explore, and gather information about the ocean and it’s marine life. The treasure hunters use it to find hidden treasures in the oceans.

Scuba skills also help in projects such as ocean oil drilling and bridge construction.

Sounds exciting and dangerous, but Scuba diving is considered to be pretty safe. In cases where untrained people try to dive more than 130ft there have been some incidents, but very minimal.

Watch this amazing video of scuba divers:


  1. Wow! Amazing article! It was very interesting for me because I am a pro swimmer and will surely try Scuba diving one day!! :) .

    Thanks for the lovely article! :):)


  2. This is cool!the video was amazing and it was really interesting!I will surely try scuba diving someday,when I go to a beach or island or something!please more on underwater stuff please,and could you also put information on snorkeling too!

    Thank you!! :) ;) :D

  3. Really wanted to know the difference between Scuba diving and normal diving. Thanks for your post now i got a clear idea.

    • Unless SCUBA diving has changed since my days, the tanks do not contain oxygen, they contain filtered compressed air. Pure oxygen would cause serious problems for recreational diving.

      Commercial SCUBA divers who reach depths far beyond sport diving use a combination of oxygen and helium, the mixtures of which are tightly controlled by professionals.

  4. Amazing video. Beautiful living things that the majority of people will never get to see without videos such as this one.

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