Are Jugglers Magicians?

Are jugglers magicians?

Jugglers? We are talking about people who have many balls in their hands, throw it up in the air, catch it and then toss it again in the air only to catch it again. And they are not magicians. They ‘toss and catch’ so quickly that you might begin to think that they are magicians. Jugglers learn to do this by constant practicing and with lot of focus and attention. So.. Want to give juggling a try?

Hundreds of years ago, when kings ruled, Jugglers  were only allowed to perform in marketplaces and fairs. In 1768 a man called Philip Astley opened the first modern circus. He asked jugglers to act like clowns and  perform juggling acts along with it. Since then, jugglers have been associated with circuses.

The word ‘juggling’ derives from word ‘jogelen’ which means “to entertain by performing tricks’.

Did you know that
“Juggling”  is also used sometimes to refer to “multi-tasking.”

Take a look at this amazing juggling video:



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