Big Diamonds Stolen in a Huge Robbery

Greatest diamond robbery

Image Credit: Flickr User judy-van-der-velden, via CC

The incident took place at the Brussels airport where armed robbers stole huge diamonds worth tens of million of pounds. The robbers got in through a security fence on Monday evening in cars that were flashing blue light. Interestingly, these masked robbers were dressed up as the policemen. They reached the Swiss plane, operated by Helvetica Airways which was being loaded up with the diamonds.

It only took them three minutes to commit what is being described as the world’s biggest heist. The diamonds are estimated to be worth 32 million pounds. No one was hurt and the guns were not used.

After collecting the loot, the robbers disappeared. Police later found burnt out vehicles.

Antwerp World Diamond Centre, which is supposed to be as safe as it can get for diamond business is in a shock by the grand robbery.

Doesn’t it sound like a scene from a Hollywood movie ;)

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