Bugs For Clean Up Time!

cleaning of Bangalore lakes

Bangalore which was once called a “city of lakes” is slowly losing its charm. A lot of lakes in Bangalore are quite dirty and full of stench. In order to clean these dying lakes, a¬†private firm, in association with the State Horticulture Department, has started a project to restore the water bodies with microbial treatment.

What is microbial treatment? It is a treatment that uses several breeds of live microbes (we call them bugs), including yeast and bacteria that react with the rotting or dead matter and make it disappear.

This technique was used in 2009 to clean up the Ulsoor lake. The lake got  cleaned up in 45 minutes. It is now being used to clean up other lakes in the city as well.

Who knew Bugs could clean up :). Watch out your mom might say next time – “Be a nice bug and clean up”.

Did you know that Horticulture is practice of garden cultivation and management !!


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