Space Junk

Time to Clean Up Space

Image Credit: Flickr user thekirbster, via CC

The experts at 6th European Conference on Space Debris, held in Darmstadt, Germany have concluded that too much space junk has accumulated in space and that now we should be worrying about cleaning it up.

Are you wondering what is this all about? What is space junk or debris? Space junk refers to part or whole pieces of satellites, rockets or any spacecrafts that have exploded in space for some reason. These big or small fragments then remain in space and orbit around Earth.

According to space experts, these redundant object should be removed from space or else there is a risk of dangerous collisions in space. Junk objects can collide with each other to produce more floating fragments or they can also pose a threat to new space missions by coming in their way.

So now we have littered the space also, haven’t we?

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