Google’s Glasses

Google glasses

Image Credit: Flickr User loiclemeur, via CC

Yes the Google’s glasses. Hey wait a minute, isn’t Google an internet search engine. Are they making designer sunglasses now? Well, these glasses are not plain simple glasses. If you are wearing these glasses your are also wearing a computer processor, a battery and a tiny screen on your face.

With these glasses you can always be on Facebook without even looking at your phone. The glasses reach the internet through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which connects to the wireless service on a user’s cellphone.

Till now these IT companies were just focusing on technology but now they have another issue to deal with. They have to make design hardware that can be worn as a fashion jewellery. That is why Google is reaching an agreement with Warby Parker, a start-up company that sells trendy eyeglasses, to help it design more fashionable frames.

These glasses are sold to a very small customer base. They will be later released on a larger scale.

With Google’s glasses your phone can stay in your pocket, and internet in front of your eyes.


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  1. Cool one !!!!
    There are rumours that Apple is also coming with cool high tech wrist watch gadget… in James Bond movies !!!! Eagerly waiting for that!

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