Have You Ever Tried?

Pigs don't look up the sky

Hey try doing these things, and you will find it impossible-

  • To sneeze with your eyes open?
  • To lick your own elbow?
  • To count the stars in the sky?
  • To make a pig look up in the sky?
  • To speak “sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” ?
  • To make a horse vomit? yep horses cannot vomit.
  • To rhyme another word with “month”?
  • To make a crocodile tick out his tongue?
  • To tickle yourself?
  • To count till infinity?
  • To run as fast as light?
So how many times did you try licking your elbow?


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  1. East or west,east or west,kinooze is the best best best best!i love it a lot!
    And I tried well-about 34 times and I seriously couldn’t do it!this was my favorite article and I do so hope you’ll put something as funny as that!

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