Letter To Santa


To Santa@northpole.com

Iwant Ineed an Ipad this Christmas.

I want many many many many many many many colorful pens like my ma’am.

I have been exceptionally nice all this year and will continue to be nice until Christmas. So, please get me a remote control truck.

Don’t get Andy any remote control trucks.  He is not nice as he does not share his toys.

Please don’t tell my mother, but I want a puppy that is alive.

Can you, please take my elder sister back and bring me a new baby brother? My mom says that my sister was a Christmas gift from you.

Can you make all healthy food junk and junk food healthy in my house?

Lastly I want to give you a gift too. While leaving you can take my mother’s phone, you can use it too if you like.


Your most favourite kid

P.S. Are you sure you know the way to my house? If you don’t just google it.









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