Our Fingerprints


Do you know what is most unique in this world. Something which is different even in identical twins ! The identical twins are alike in all ways but even they have different fingerprints.

Let us examine our hands.The ridges on the fingertips and the thumb (in form of loops and spirals) are the ones that help us grasp the objects. These ridges are also the ones that leave smudges on every object that we hold and touch (especially the newly painted walls;). How does this happen?? Our fingers have sweat glands that ooze some oils and salt through tiny pores on finger surface. This inturn leaves an imprint every time we touch something. Although, it is difficult to get fingerprints on carpets and clothes as they absorb the oils. The fingerprints although unique can be classified into few types depending on the shapes of the ridges.


Do you know when you develop these ridges on your fingers? When you are still inside your mommy’s tummies !! If you get burned or get a wound the fingerprints will not change as the new skin that grows has the exact same pattern. Only some severe injury or surgery can alter the fingerprints.

But guess who would want to change their fingerprints? Fingerprints are used all the time to catch people who commit crimes. There are criminals who want to not get punished for their crimes sometimes get their fingerprints altered.

Fingerprints have other uses as well. They are used as a password in high security places. The scanner scans the thumbprint and only those people whose thimbrints are recognised are allowed to enter. Sometimes they are used on official documents. In some countries like India the thumbprint is also used as signature.

Some interesting facts about fingerprints

  • Koalas have ridges on their fingers which create fingerprints almost identical to those of human beings. Even when examined under a powerful micrscope (like the electron microscope)
  • Dactyloscopy means “study of fingerprints” originated from the Greek language  ‘daktylos’ meaning finger and ‘skopein’ meaning to examine.




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