Rare Derecho Storm in United States

Summer Storms derecho in U.S,.

On July 1, In eastern U.S, pleasant summer showers suddenly turned into a series of nasty thunderstorms. Sounds like a scene from a movie right? But sadly this is really what had happened. U.S was hit by something what the weathermen (meteorologists) call a ‘Derecho’.

Derecho is a severe thunderstorm which is made up of extremely strong winds that move in straight-line with huge speeds. Look at this:

Derechos often come in groups, one after the other and therefore are very damaging. Unlike other thunderstorms, Derecho storms hit suddenly, without a warning. They bring along some very forceful winds that are accompanied by rain and frequent lightning from all directions.
A Derecho causes big damage in only a short time period. It topples huge trees, damages roads, upturns vehicles and sometimes even destroys houses.

Summer storms derecho in U.S, Photo credit:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-18713263#

Some of the states badly effected by the Derecho storm are West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The recent July storms left thousands of people without power. A lot of damage was done to property and personal belongings.

Let us hope everything gets back to as it was, soon, for the folks affected by the storm.


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