Something Really Important

mouse and owl story

Image Credit: Flickr User arripay, via CC

The Owl stomped around his nest. It was a complete mess. Everything was out in a big pile. There were socks, toys, pencils and all kinds of stuff.

“Where is it,” he moaned.

“Is it something important?” squeaked the Mouse, Owl’s best friend.

“It’s really important,” hooted Owl, “it was Santa’s gift for being a good owl!”

“Is this it?” asked Mouse handing him a small packet.

“No, that’s not it,” said Owl gruffly, “that’s not round.”

“Is this it?” Mouse asked tossing a ball.

“No, that’s too big,” Owl wailed, “and I can’t wear a ball.”

“Is this it?” Mouse was holding a T-shirt.

“But that’s not round!” Owl kept wailing, “And it’s not red.”

“Is this it then?” Mouse pointed at a pair of sunglasses.

“No, those straps are too thin!” Owl blinked twice. He was getting impatient. Mouse seemed to be of no help. But he was a good owl and tried not to be rude to his friend.

“When did you last see it?” asked Mouse.

Owl thought hard, “I wore it to school yesterday. I had it when I came back. Then I went to your house to play.”

Suddenly Owl remembered.

“I think I know,” he exclaimed and zoomed out of his hole in the tree.

Owl flew down the tree-trunk followed by Mouse. Around the rat-hole below were thick bushes. Owl tried to dive inside but he was too big. Mouse was small and easily scampered into the bush.

He soon fished out something and asked, “Is this it? It is small and red, is round and has thick straps to wrap around your leg.”

“Yes, this is it. You found my watch!” Owl hopped with joy. Covering Mouse in a feathery hug, he hooted loudly, “You truly are my best friend!”

Shweta Sinha

Shweta is a guest author at Kinooze. Passionate about books herself, Shweta believes reading is the best way to acquire knowledge. A graduate from the Institute of Children’s literature, CT in USA, she is well-trained in writing for children. Her two young kids provide all the inspiration she needs to put together articles children love to read. For a complete bio visit the About page.

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