The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse

Almost 3000 years ago, the Trojans and Greeks fought a long and terrible war. Why? Because the Trojans had captured a beautiful Greek princess Helen. But this is a story about a horse and not the princess :) The Greeks fought a battle with Troy but could not get in the tall strong walls around the city. They tried everything but it began to look that Greeks would not win the battle.

So the Greeks thought that if they could not win the battle with their physical strength then they should win it with their brains. They thought of a smart trick. They started building a wooden horse. The Trojans kept wondering why the Greeks were building a horse. Some laughed and some were puzzled. Then one day when they saw the greek armies sailing away, they got confused. Soon in few days, all the warships, army tents and armies disappeared. The only thing that remained were the 80 ft tall strange wooden horse.

Some Trojan wanted to burn the horse but the King was too proud of defeating Greeks and ordered to bring the horse inside the city walls as a symbol of their victory. After pulling the horse inside they partied and danced all night. Then they went to sleep.It was now that the Greeks played the rest of their trick. Not all the Greeks had sailed away on the warships. A very brave Greek soldier named Odysseus had chosen some tough fighting men to hide inside the hollow wooden horse. Around thirty soldiers stepped out in the dark and signaled their warships that had been hiding around a nearby island. Then they opened the Trojan city gates and the Greek army swarmed in.

The Greeks caught the Trojans completely off guard. After a fierce battle  they took princess Helen back to Greece.

If you were too lazy to read, watch it here..


  1. I think that this was interesting but I thought that would be a few more facts. It was good though, but I would of liked to know more dates.


  2. Wow! This is a very nice story that shows wisdom is surely stronger than a strong foolish army.
    I like it again n again!!

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