Unbelievable Facts

unbelievable facts

Here is a quick bite of very funny facts.

  • What killed dinosaurs? Asteroids or Volcano.
  • Can you sneeze with eyes open ? Never.
  • Who has the largest eyes in the world? A Giant squid.
  • Which body part never grows as we grow? Eyes.
  • Which bird has bigger eyes than its brain? Ostrich.. Now we know where the phrase “bird brained” came from..
  • How long does it take for someone to fall asleep? Seven minutes.
  • Which fish cannot remember anything beyond the last 3 seconds? A Goldfish.
  • Which country has the same name as its capital city? Luxembourg.
  • Are ants heavier than humans? Yes.
  • What do the Hippos use as a sunblock? Their sweat.
  • Who is world’s lightest mammal? The bumblebee bat– weighs less than a nickel.
  • How much time does an oyster take to make one pearl? Five years..
  • Which animal has eight senses? Sharks, humans have five who is the smarter one then :)
  • How much water does cabbage have ? It is 9/10 water.. Healthy.
  • How many pencils can you make out of an average sized tree? 170,000.
  • Which is our tallest friend? Hyperion Tree.
Wow! Interesting.



    • We still do not know for sure. May be you could find out one day when you grow up :) Do you want to have quiz sessions at kinooze?

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