What is a Shadow?


Image Credit: Flickr User dvs, via CC

I follow you around in the light, I say good bye to you in the night? Who am I? Shadow! Correct!

How is our shadow formed ? Why does it chase us around? How does that happen?
Take a look around and see if other things have shadows too? You will see that swings, trees, homes, furniture and many more things have  shadows too.

Sometimes objects are able to block light. An object from which no light can pass through is called opaque. An example is our body. Since light cannot pass through it creates a dark area around the object. So this patch where the light can not reach is called a shadow. Opaque objects create clear dark shadows.

Have you ever noticed that your shadow is longest in the early morning and in the late afternoon? At noon, when the sun is overhead there is little or no shadow at all. Long time ago people observed that, and used this principle in making of world’s earliest clock, a sun clock.

Now, how does a shadow move? If the source of the light is moving, the shadow moves because the light rays keep changing their direction in which they fall on the object. If the object moves, then again the shadow moves as it is formed where ever the object blocks light. There you go it is that simple!

Did you know that shadows are also used for making puppets? Yes, they are and such an art is called Shadow Puppetry!


  1. Awesome shadow information, perfect for our daycare children as an activity starter. Thank-you very much! Sanders Creative Kids

  2. Awesome. I have learnt the definition of a shadow, it was good for my Concept Map homework. I would have got a C instead of an A+ if it was not for this website.

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