What Our Kids Want to Tell Us?

What Our Kids want to Tell Us

I am throwing a tantrum for a toy, but honestly I am just testing you.

I am forcing you to bend your rules, but testing you again. Don’t change the rules, because when you stick to the rules, I feel safer.

I am a kid. I do not know what is right or wrong. Don’t ignore my mistakes. Correct them.

I am a kid. I will make mistakes. Correct me and forgive me, don’t keep blaming me.

When I pretend that I did not hear you, I actually heard you the first time, but I hate when you keep repeating yourself. Give me some time to do what you told me to do.

Don’t suggest that I am perfect because I am not. Nobody is. Set realistic goals for me.

I am growing up fast like a plant, and for me, sunlight is your love and water is your understanding. Give me plenty of those.

Don’t think you never wrong me. Don’t choose your ego over me. A small apology from you will warm up my heart.

I need you. Don’t just take care of me, take care of yourself too and always be around for me.


  1. I feel it is a very touching message for parents which they should refer to now and then to internalize the essence as in the day to day hustle bustle we tend to overlook these things

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