Where the Kings and Queens lived – Castles!

Where the Kings and the Queens Lived - Castles!

Don’t you feel excited when you hear about Castles? You start imagining those times when there lived the Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes and Dragons!! We all love those tales from the old times, don’t we?

Castles are a part of almost each and every one of those tales. What are the unique things that we should know about castles? Castles are huge mansions that were built not only for living but also for protecting. They were used as forts, and when battle happened the kings and the queens lived here and fought off their enemies with all their soldiers.


Castles are often found at the end of ridges, on hill tops, at the junction of rivers or in marshy ground because it is difficult to attack a castle if it is difficult to reach. A deep and broad ditch might be dug around the castle which is called a “moat”. This moat discouraged the attacker from climbing into the castle.

Did you know that there is a German Fairy Tale Road  that connects the towns and landscapes that were the inspiration for the fairy tales Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and many more? Don’t miss it the next time you are in Germany :)



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