Young Dolphin Saves The Day!


Image Credit: Flickr User lowjumpingfrog, via CC

A large pod of dolphins had strayed into the shallow waters at Whalers Cove in Australia.  They would have been in danger if one young dolphin did not make the distress calls.

Why is being in the shallow waters dangerous? It is so because in shallow water they can get caught in a changing tide and land on the beach where they can die, if not helped immediately.

The officials caught and led the young dolphin to the deep water. Its distress calls attracted the rest to follow.

Sadly one dolphin died but all the rest were saved.



  1. Oh!that’s why shallow waters are dangerous for dolphins,no wonder they almost died!but it was sad to hear that one of the dolphins died in the shallow waters.Lets hope that the dolphins don’t stray away again! :(

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