what are 3D movies?

What are 3D Movies?

Don’t we all these days hear most of the  movies being released in 3D? Is 3D a new language in which the movie is made? Let us try and understand 3D first and then we will move on to  the 3D movies.

2D or a 3D is used to describe some shapes. 2D is used for “flat” shapes like anything that is drawn on a piece of paper. 3D is used for “fat” shapes like a cube or a sphere. Let us take an example of a balloon that has no air in it, What shape is it? It’s 2D ! Now let us fill air in it, What shape is it now? 3D….That’s right!

Now that 2D and3D shapes are clearer, let us move onto the 3D movies. In a regular movie you watch, nothing seems to be popping out of the screen. But in 3D movies with the help of 3D glasses, different objects seem to fly out of the screen. How do we create the illusion of depth? In reality, we record the images from two different angles and a special projector and glasses are required to really get the feel.  Isn’t it really fun??

Without the glasses the 3D movie looks a bit blurred, something like this:

3D image without glasses

With the glasses the same picture looks something like this:


3D movies with glasses make us feel that things are moving around us in real. Now that for sure is an exciting experience!!



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  1. gayatri Avatar

    I love 3D movies.

  2. Kush Avatar

    can you write an article on 4D movies

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